Strategies to Tackle Stress While Preparing for Defence Exams

The first thing you are going to face while preparing for the defence exam is stress. If not tackled appropriately then stress can lead you to various serious issues. However, tackling stress is also a requirement for clearing the government exam. Because many prestigious jobs in the public sector such as defence require an officer who can work under acute pressure. So all the candidates preparing for such jobs should train their minds to handle stress while performing a task. This article can help you know some strategies that can help you cope with stress while preparing for defence exams.

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Here are the strategies to tackle stress while preparing for the defence exam.

  • Don’t run from negative thoughts

Well, you might have heard that surround yourself with positive people. But that doesn’t mean that you should start running from negative people. Please remember that the more you run from a thing the more it starts to chase you back. However, negative thoughts come to your mind to alert you about an unfavorable situation. If possible, try to find a solution for them and respond to a negative situation with positiveness. Thinking of negative thoughts over and over can’t find a solution for them. Moreover, your success depends on how you perceive the world. Always keep a positive attitude toward your obstacles.

  • Meditation

Meditation is one of the efficient ways to tackle stress. During mediation, you focus on positive thoughts or silence. Eventually, this will stop the tornado of negative thoughts running in your mind. As a result, your mind will get an empty space which you can use to keep positive thoughts. Meditation also helps you in making your mind calm. This further helps you in attempting maximum questions correctly during the exam. You can attempt the right answer only with the help of a calm mind. 

But remember that you have to focus on positive thoughts or silence during meditation. If you are still focusing on negative thoughts then even meditation will not help you.  

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  • Consider supplement

There are some natural and herbal supplements that can help you relieve stress. 

  • Ashwagandha: This herb has some miraculous properties that can help you uplift your mood. Add this to your daily diet.
  • Vitamin B5: This vitamin will help in supporting adrenal glands which reduces stress. You can eat mushrooms and avocado to gain vitamin b5. 
  • Kava kava: Research has suggested that this plant can help in treating anxiety disorders. 
  • Lemon balm: you can add lemon balm to your food and drinks. The lemon balm is known for its anti-anxiety effects. 

You can add these supplements daily to your food. But we still recommend you to concern a nutritionist before adding these to your diet.

  • Connect with nature

You must have noticed that being in nature can help in reducing fear, anxiety, and anger. Nature can help you in your physical well-being too. For example, reducing stress hormones, heart rate, and muscle tensions. You can go to a park or sit under a tree after studying for hours. It will surely help you in reducing stress. You can see some pictures of nature on the internet. Also, you can watch some youtube videos that show natural places. This trick will also help you in tackling anxiety. Nature has impacts on emotional as well as physical well-being.

  • Listen to music

This is the most common trick that aspirants use to reduce stress.  Well, you can also listen to various other sounds of nature to calm your anxiety. Various youtube channels are uploading the nature of sounds with some pictures of nature. Listening to them can give you a wonderful experience. This can help you lower your heart rate and stabilize blood pressure. Many people turn to these soothing music sounds when they feel stressed. If possible, don’t spend more than an hour on these activities. Spending too much time on music will push you away from your goal. 

  • Practice  time management

Many aspirants get nervous at the thought of exams. Feeling edginess is normal during the exam. But you can reduce it with preparations. Practice a mock test at least twice a week.  You can practice many quizzes available on the internet. They will also help you gain knowledge. But try to practice only those mock tests that are in the exact format of the exam. This will help you predict how the questions are going to appear in the exam. Furthermore, this will also help you in attempting the maximum questions correctly. 

  • Exercise  daily

Exercising daily will boost the production of some hormones such as endorphins that can uplift your mood. Also, this acts as a painkiller. Exercising will improve the quality of sleep. Which is further necessary for preparing for the exam. If you are not interested in hard exercise then you can choose a short walk or jog to stay fit. You can maintain your mental as well as physical health by going on a short walk daily. 

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We hope that this article can help you know some strategies that can help you tackle stress. Please remember that our God will never give us a task that is impossible to overcome. Have faith in your abilities. Give attention to your focus. Take notice of where your focus is paying attention. Shift your focus from unfavorable ideas to favorable ideas. This will surely help you crack the exam. Believe in yourself and turn your dream into truth.

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