Small Business Marketing Tips for Festivals

Developing a strategic festival marketing strategy can enable you to earn permission-based marketing rights to reach new customers at festivals. It has been estimated that small and mid-sized retailers generate 30 to 40 percent of their yearly sales during the festival season. In order to maximize sales and lead generation at festivals, follow these 10 festival marketing tips.

Plan accordingly festival 

It’s important to consider your festival audience when setting up your booth: should you participate in a movie festival, a music festival, or a local community festival? Your answer will ultimately depend on who your customers are. Establish a shared culture with your customers by meeting them on their terms. This will foster long-term loyalty.

Keep an eye on your competitor

Small and medium-sized businesses alike should understand their competitors’ marketing moves in order to develop a successful marketing strategy.

The competition’s marketing strategy for the holiday season is something you must take into consideration as a small business owner. This will help you stay informed and develop your own strategy. You might also be inspired to make some decisions from this. 

Contests and giveaways

Your shop visitors should leave with a business card, brochure, and/or coolie cup – something they can hold onto. The goal is to make them remember you and follow up with you for more information. Your booth visitors will also benefit from wearing t-shirts, thus exposing your brand to others.

Bring people to your booth by promoting it

You don’t want to let potential customers pass by your booth because of poor booth placement or a crowded festival. Ensure your booth is well visible by using vinyl banners, posters, and flyers strategically placed.

Product demonstrations

Demonstrate your products both effectively and entertainingly if you want to attract a crowd at your booth. The practice of skateboarders performing tricks in front of skateboard retailers is not uncommon.

Motivate people to buy

When it comes to promoting your business at a festival booth, it’s one thing to pass out information and quite another to do so in an effective manner. If you have an offer that has a time-limited validity period or another incentive that would motivate individuals to make a purchase right away, then give them a reason to do so. In addition, ensure that you make your company well known for its many benefits to those who choose to work with you.

Ensure it is fun and interactive

Your booth can be made more fun and interactive by playing games such as dunk tanks, trivia, contests, and other contests. If possible, put your product in your audience’s hands so they can experience it themselves.

Collect contact information

Make sure you don’t put a sign-up sheet on the table in hopes of collecting contact information from potential customers. There will be no filling out of it. Consider holding a contest where customers could win a desirable prize in exchange for their information. Your next week should be filled with calls if the prize is worth it.

Participate in other activities

You don’t just have a booth at festivals to market your business. Get your banners and other marketing materials out on festival grounds by sponsoring music pavilions, tournaments, rides, or other festival-related events. Guerrilla marketing can also be accomplished by hiring a team to distribute brochures, flyers, coolie cups, etc., among the crowd.

Market Preparation

Don’t forget to let potential clients know you’ll be there before the festival starts so they’ll know where to find you. Advertising in publications (especially in the festival’s own advertisements and brochures) is an excellent method for achieving this. Aside from signage, you can advertise your location on your online presence, on Facebook, Twitter, and in your newsletter.

In the Post Market

You can generate shares and exposure for your company by taking plenty of photos and videos at the festival and posting them on your social media networks.  The advantage of sharing is that you can pick up customers who attended the festival but weren’t able to attend. You can effectively maximize sales for your store using the festival marketing tips mentioned above and make sure that you end your year on a high note. Also, the festival season begins in August, so don’t miss our rakhi wishes for elder brother just visit the link.

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