Roopkund Trek: Complete Detailed Guide

The famous Roopkund Trail in Uttarakhand offers host to the magical ‘Skeletal Lake,’ an exquisite track that astonishes hiking aficionados. It really is surrounded by the enchanting Trishul Mountain, which provides a beautiful spectacle throughout this exciting adventure. To provide an all-encompassing encounter with the wealth of heritage, environment, and excitement, the route directs visitors to the frozen Roopkund Lakes with its devout gifts in Nanda Devi. When you wander into the abundant wilderness of the environment through the provinces of Loharjung, Didina, Bugyal, and Bhagwabasa, among many others, you will be seeing impenetrable forest stretches with stormy torrents over the scrublands. The sight of the spectacular Roopkund Glacier, Choukhamba, and Nandaghungti hills in the background will make you tremble as you approach the ‘Mystery Lake,’ which holds the remnants of tragic visitors.

How to Get There

Kathgodam, a tiny village in Uttarakhand’s Nainital region, is the beginning point of this journey. It is only reachable via railroads and highways, which have been the only two means to get to this lovely secretive community. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, which would be 71 kilometers distant; to get to Kathgodam, you’ll really have to depend on highway or train transportation. The Kathgodam Railway Station is accessible to all metropolitan areas by regular trains, thanks to well-connected passenger trains. You could also commute by commercial or government-run buses from places like Nainital, Rudrapur, Moradabad, Chandausi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Delhi.

The Best Time to Visit

The Roopkund trek will transport visitors from Kathgodam Township to Roopkund via Loharjung, Didina, Bugyal, Lotani, and Bhagwabasa. Summertime lasts anywhere from April through June, having temperatures below 30°C and a pleasant climate that lasts for most seasons. Winter seems to last through December to February when temperatures can drop under zero. The months of July to November are regarded to be ideal for visiting, with mild, pleasant breezes which enable you to appreciate mother nature’s best-kept Himalayan mystery.


Kathgodam, located in the Himalayan Kumaon Mountains, is a lovely place to enjoy the environment and traditional culture. From it now, a drive would bring you over picturesque minor roads to Loharjung, which also will serve as your campsite for this walk. This small settlement is on the crest of a hilltop with a beautiful perspective of the Nilganga valley. It has a height of 2300 meters and therefore will enthrall you with its vibrant views. It does have some hotels and restaurants, as well as just a few tiny shops where you may get your everyday needs. Your journey commences here and will fascinate you past your wildest dreams.

The People Who Live Here

Several cities and communities in Uttarakhand are mostly gifted with shrines that have been the glory of the residents, thanks to their rich heritage and intriguing customs. When you look at the culture of this community, you will notice that there are a lot of customs and rituals that are rigorously watched and ritualistically observed. With such an increasing number of tourists over the last couple of decades, the residents of the neighborhood have embraced multiculturalism and are therefore very welcoming to visitors. They would ensure that your excursion is full of unique encounters thanks to their care and regard for travelers. Altitude Points are a type of height. This memorable hiking excursion begins in Kathgodam, which is situated at an elevation of 554 meters on the slopes of the Kumaon Mountains and offers an amazing vista of scenery.

As soon as you start your journey over here to Loharjung, which rises at 2300 meters, your walk to Roopkund will take you through Ali Bugyal, which reaches a beautiful elevation of 3350 meters. Travel through Ghora Lotani, which drops a few kilometers forward, and avoid Bhagwabasa, which reaches a height of 4100 meters. You would climb to Roopkund’s magnificent summit at 5020 m to explore the gorgeous location.

Permissions Required 

There will also be entrance charges at specific checkpoints, hike licenses, and mandatory forest lodging fees in the area for the duration of the hike. Kindly include your driver’s license or voter identity card, as well as a passport sized picture, a medical certificate attesting to your health for the trip, and a declaration certificate attesting to your willingness to freely engage in this trek. Permissions can be acquired at Loharjung, in which you must submit the Forest Officer a campsite fee.

Contacts for Medical Assistance and Emergencies

The organizers will have a well-equipped first-aid bag with them for the length of the walk. We urge that you bring your own first-aid supplies, including medications, disinfectants, insect repellents, prescription medicines, and so on. Although every precaution will be undertaken to protect your security, there is no damage in possessing a basic understanding of healthcare. CPR ought to be available, as well as other standard health information concerning elevation illness (Acute Mountain Sickness).

This sickness is linked to hiking, and indications include headaches, sleeplessness, gastrointestinal disorders, lung diseases, ataxia, and more. Always visit your doctor prior to your journey to obtain prescription medications for such eventualities, and therefore only use these if absolutely necessary, as they are potent and also have serious side consequences, particularly if used throughout your hike.

Because Roopkund is located in District Chamoli, feel free to carry the accompanying emergency contact information with you on most occasions.

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