How Can You Legally Modify Your Bike?

We all like to customize our motorcycles to create unique and fashionable and sometimes to increase performance too. However, do you know what steps to take to modify your registration of a motorcycle in India with bike modification accessories? We will go over the information you require to understand about modification of motorcycles that the Indian law allows. What is the limit of the modifications to bikes in India?

The year 2019 has changed the game for a lot of people. The Honorable Supreme Court of India in the year 2019 ruled that no vehicle is allowed to be modified in a way that it is able to alter the original specifications given by the manufacturer. The details of the vehicle can’t be altered; they are supplied by the manufacturer as the basis for entering the certificate of registration. This decision is to replace the initial ruling of the Kerala High Court and the Supreme Court suggested that the high court’s decision was not able to apply the rules in Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Thus, any major modifications to vehicles are banned and any modification to the original specifications would be considered to be illegal.

Two-wheelers such as motorcycles and scooters are as much an accessory to fashion and a means of transport. That’s why many people alter their two-wheelers. There are many gorgeous bike modifications. A considerable amount of time and effort is what you need for the modifications of these bikes. If you’re thinking of altering your motorcycle with bike modification accessories, it’s essential to be aware of the fundamentals prior to starting the process. Remember to keep in mind all modifications you make to your vehicle should have registration with your RTO and recognition in insurance policies that cover two wheels.

You must ensure that the modifications you make are legal.

Any modifications to a car must be in line with a specific standard. In accordance with a ruling by the Supreme Court in the year 2019, you cannot modify the vehicles substantially or alter the specifications that are originally set by the maker. These specifications are the ones that are set for the manufacturer on their registration certificate of the vehicle. An excellent example is that a two-wheeler may not alter in any way to accommodate more than two people. Similar to this, the dimensions, as well as the engine and brake system of a vehicle, are not changeable.

Modifications by a professional expert

Although the options for modifications that are heavy-duty for two-wheelers have been drastically lower, you can still alter the vehicle you own in a range of ways. You can complete painting jobs for example when they are within RTO limitations. The same applies to fitting small-sized bike modifications like decals, visors, or fairings to the engine that are within the limits of legality. It is a suggestion that you must employ experts to manage the tasks. Have you ever thought about painting your bike? If you don’t practice it regularly for a long time, you’ll never be able to create the perfect appearance. Better to let the professionals finish the task.

Security and safety must be the top priority

In the event that you make even the tiniest modifications to your bicycle, make sure to put your trust in the purpose instead of the design, and avoid any sacrifices in security. There is nothing more crucial than looking straight in the direction you’re heading. A lot of people opt to take off the mirrors on the side of their bikes or scooters as the first step. This could result in a challenge that could amount to about 1,000. It is essential to ensure that any changes made to your car will enhance its performance before improving its appearance.

Inform the Insurance companies

If you purchase insurance for two wheels online, it’s important to bear in mind that you need to declare any changes in advance. If you do not declare any modifications, then the insurance claim for two wheels may have a chance to be rejected. The majority of the companies offering coverage for 2 wheels internet provide the option of declaring modifications. Additionally, it is better to declare and buy bike modification accessories for the expensive equipment that you install on your bicycle.

Overall, though the scope of modifications may have some limits to a certain extent, however, you can modify the appearance of your vehicle. Make sure you make any modifications to the insurance company to protect your vehicle. Be conscious about the money you invest into it and aware of the safety aspects when making changes. If you’re looking for bike care products in India, then log on to Carorbis to get the top quality and top brands to upgrade your bicycle.

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